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BUS 470


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Directions: Think about what you have read and seen in the news on globalization. Consider the fact that the clothing we wear, the cars that we drive, the cell phones we use to communicate and the computers we use to work, are each likely to have been manufactured in whole or in part in diffe.....

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Conduct research using the Argosy online library, your text book and the Internet regarding the differences in culture, management styles, and communication strategies between the U.S. and Cambodia.  Analyze at least three potential management conflicts that may arise due to the identified d.....

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Directions: Taking on the role of a CEO, develop a PowerPoint presentation of approximately 15 slides that explains how you would adapt the Western leadership strategies of either Heifetz and Linsky or Drucker in your approach to managing an international organization on the brink of structur.....

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In this assignment, you will research information related to the marketing and promotion of the acquisition by EDUS and provide an assessment. Click here to review the EDUS case and consider the following: Topics for Research and Analysis Promotional Goals: Identify specific obj.....

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Select either an international service organization or a multinational corporation and conduct a preliminary assessment of their website. In your review: Explain your initial impression of the organization based upon your initial review of their corporate website. Analyze their .....
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