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BUS 604


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Personal Assessment. In a 2-3 page paper, answer the question of whether you are ready to be an entrepreneur. Identify those factors in your personality, business skills and lifestyle preferences that would support your entrepreneurial efforts. Be honest in your assessment of your skills and.....

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Venture Screening. A business idea may sound great in theory; however, it may not be easy to implement or be successfully received by the market. Develop a 3-4 page paper that includes a venture screening inventory and an evaluation of your business idea. First, design a venture screening in.....

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Sustainability. In a 3-4 page paper, discuss the importance of the concept of sustainability in today‚Äôs environment. Research the concept and identify three examples of entrepreneurs who are buildingbusinesses based on the transition to sustainability and clean commerce. Does your business i.....

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Management Team. As the founder of a new venture, do you have team-building skills to lead a new venture team? Are there specific factors that are critical to a new venture team as compared to other kinds of teams with other focuses? What are the advantages of starting a business as a team, .....
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