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BUSN 278


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Project Overview: This is an individual project where you will be acting as a consultant to an entrepreneur who wants to start a new business. As the consultant, you’ll create a 5 year budget that supports the entrepreneur’s vision and strategy, as well as the needs for equipment, labor, and .....

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BUSN 278 Week 1-7 All Discussion Question BUSN 278 Course Project BUSN 278 Week 4 Midterm .....

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Week 1DQ 1 Budgeting and Planning Week 1DQ 2 Forecasting Techniques Week 2DQ 1 Linear Regression Week 2DQ 2 Seasonal Variations Week 3DQ 1 Revenue Budget Week 3DQ 2 Capital Expenditures Budget Week 4DQ 1 Capital Budgeting Week 4DQ 2 New Business Startups Week 5DQ 1.....

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TCO 1) The type of budget that is updated on a regular basis is known as a ________________ (TCO 2) The quantitative forecasting method that uses actual sales from recent time periods to predict future sales assuming that the closest time period is a more accurate predictor of future sales is.....
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