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CARD 405


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Self-Assessment (due this week) In Week 1, you should have completed the following assessments from your textbook. Marketing Readiness Quiz (pp. 8–16) Self-Awareness Checklist (pp. 16–17) Ability Assessment (pp. 17–19) Transferable Skills Checklist (pp. 19–20) .....

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Resumé: Draft (due this week) Complete the Resumé Worksheet (available in Doc Sharing) and prepare or update your resumé based on the information on your worksheet. In addition to the worksheet, you will want to use the results of your self-assessment activities, the lectures, our discussions.....

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Informational Interview (due this week) As part of your job search preparation, you will plan for, conduct, and detail notes for an Informational Interview of someone working in your target career field. Please be sure you review the assignment template prior to completing the inter.....
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