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CIS 210


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Term Paper: Website Migration Project     Tony’s Chips has recently been sold to a new independent company. The new company has hired you to manage a project that will move the old Website from an externally hosted solution to an internal one. The company’s leadership is .....

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Assignment 1: Inventory Management Systems   Your sister owns a small clothing store. During a conversation at a family dinner, she mentions her frustration with having to manually track and reorder high demand items. She would like an automated system but has a very small budget. .....

This Tutorial was purchased 10 times & rated A by student like you.

Case Study 1: Building an Access Control System   As a member of the Information Security team at a small college, you have been made the project manager to install an access control system (ACS) in a dormitory. The ACS will automatically unlock the dormitory doors via an electronic .....

This Tutorial was purchased 14 times & rated A by student like you.

Case Study 2: Application Architecture You have been tasked with building a payroll program for a large organization with offices spread across the United States. The company has one larger data center that each office connects to via a wide area network (WAN). Write a 3-4 page paper in which.....
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