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CIS 542


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Term Paper: Web Application Security Challenges Due Week 10 and worth 200 points  This assignment consists of two (2) sections: a written paper and a PowerPoint presentation. You must submit both sections as separate files for the completion of this assignment. Label each f.....

This Tutorial was purchased 3 times & rated A by student like you.

Assignment 1: e-Commerce Evolution and Security Due Week 3 and worth 100 points  e-Commerce has evolved from strictly online enterprises such as to enterprises such as,, and so on that are online, on social media, and brick and mortar combined. Sel.....

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Assignment 2: Electronic Health Care Record Due Week 6 and worth 100 points  As a chief security officer (CSO) for a large hospital, you are charged with securing medical health care records. More recently, senior hospital administrators are seeking to provide a complete online porta.....

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Case Study: Viruses Due Week 9 and worth 100 points The country of Iran is expending tremendous resources on developing a nuclear energy program that is believed by the Western countries to be weapons-oriented. Recently, a virus named the Stuxnet has been in the news because it was introd.....
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