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CJA 470


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For this assignment, you will explore the official sources of crime data. Crime data is the foundation for theory building. Crime data makes it important for criminologists to identify patterns. Patterns help researchers and policy makers determine the best paths and solutions. Patterns also indi.....

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You have read about classical, biological, and psychological explanations for criminal behavior. This assignment requires you to compare theories already explored in this module. As you prepare this assignment, you should list the tenets for each theory. Think about how they build on the previous.....

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Here's What Happened . . . You have just been promoted to sergeant in the Community Policing Division of the Centervale Police Department. Your first assignment is to examine the criminal behavior in your area and work with local agencies to develop proactive policies to help reduce crim.....

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In this module, we examined crimes against persons, crimes against property, and white-collar crimes. These crimes are all treated differently by the legislature as well as the media. These differences are a reflection of how society views them. As you consider these differences, you should also .....

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Understanding the various criminological theories and their interrelated concepts is a daunting task. From classicism to the Chicago school, key terms, theorists, and other important information can get lost in the shuffle. Here's What You Need To Do . . . Organize the information you hav.....
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