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ECET 360


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Advanced C Programming You are required to study and understand the under lying concepts of advanced C used in the examples below. You are also required to compile and execute the programs and capture the output generated by each program 1. A Simple C program with more than one function (.....

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Objective: This hands on exercise examines aspects of threads and multiprocessing (and multithreading). The primary objective of this exercise is to implement the Thread Management Functions: Creating Threads Terminating Thread Execution Thread Identifiers Joining Threads .....

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Objectives: In this hands on exercise, we will use semaphore to solve various synchronization problems.  Semaphores are counters for resources shared between processes/threads.  The basic operations on semaphores are: increment the counter atomically, and wait until the counter is n.....

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Accessing Your Lab   To access your labs after you've logged in, apply the following steps: Click the Professional Development tab located on the top of the page. Select "Development Paths". You will see the course that you are taking listed on this page. C.....

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The objective of this week's lab is to simulate and evaluate different memory allocation/deallocation techniques (first fit,next fit, best fit, and worst fit)when a linked list is used to keep track of memory usage.You will implement a separate Memory component for TWO of the four memor.....

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Objective To write a C program to implement memory management using segmentation. ALGORITHM: Step1 : Start the program. Step2 : Read the base address, number of segments, size of each segment, memory limit. Step3 : If memory address is less than the base address display “inval.....

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Write a C program to simulate the shortest job first algorithm with preemption. DESCRIPTION: For implementing SJF algorithm with preemption, we consider the arrival times of each process, the burst times of all the previously arrived processes. After the arrival of all the process.....
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