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EDU 674


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Critique an Instructional Design Model. Your readings have provided you with a foundation of various instructional design models. For this assignment, you will critique one of the instructional design models from your readings in order to judge the degree the model might be useful to you. Fo.....

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EDU 674 Week 2 Acquainting New Staff with the Classroom .....

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Designing Units of Instruction. For this assignment, you will evaluate a pre-developed unit of instruction. The unit should be used in the current work environment or teaching experience. Evaluate the quality of the unit’sobjectives, activities, and assessments with supporting documentation .....

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Reflective Journal. Reflect on your coursework so far. What assignment was the most engaging? Why? Have you learned anything new? If so, what? How will you use your new knowledge? Evaluate your work so far. What assignments and/or activities did you excel in? What could you have improved on? .....
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