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HSC 4010


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HSC 4010 Week 1 Assignment 3 Epidemiological Principles .....

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HSC 4010 Week 2 Assignment 2 Infectious and Non-infectious Prevention .....

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Identified a reportable disease of national (US) or international (outside of US) concern and provided a brief description of the disease. Collated the relevant charts and tables referring to the leading causes of death due to the selected disease. Explained concepts with the help of char.....

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Compared the merits of the approach in each study. Analyzed and described the results to show the more credible study based on reading and knowledge of epidemiology till date. Analyzed and provided reasons of whether you support the results or not. Provided suggestions, observations, .....

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What are the different types of screening or diagnostic tests available to study salmonella? What the advantages and drawbacks of each of the tests? If you were asked to employ the use of screening or diagnostic tests to study the transmission of salmonella, which screening or diagnostic test.....
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