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HUM 200


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In this assignment, you will apply key concepts covered in the module readings. You will identify the component parts of arguments and differentiate between various types of arguments such as strict, loose, inductive, and deductive. You will then construct specific, original arguments. There .....

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Finding “factors for” and “factors against” a position is a versatile tool for critical thinkers. In this assignment, you will practice this technique more formally by examining one of several contemporary issues. Research methods for creating arguments using factors for and factors against a.....

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For this assignment, you will compose two short critical essays explaining and evaluating arguments by other authors. This assignment allows you to analyze an issue from a variety of perspectives and assess arguments for or against the issue. By focusing your attention on how the original authors.....

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This assignment prepares you for the final Microsoft PowerPoint assignment inM5: Assignment 1. Throughout this course, you have learned to apply a variety of critical thinking techniques to explore and assess contemporary issues. Often, you may get the best results using a multistep process t.....

This Tutorial was purchased 2 times & rated B+ by student like you.

For this project, you will compose a researched response to Peter Singer’s article “America’s Shame.” This assignment allows you to assess and defend the reasonableness of personal beliefs through critical assessment of Singer’s arguments and the presentation of your own, original arguments on th.....
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