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IO 6502


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Two principles form the basis for this assignment. One, in order to know where we want to be, we first must examine where we are. Two, a planned event with stated goals has a better chance of succeeding than those events where goals are virtual and not concrete. This assignment helps you set .....

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For your selected scenario, you will present a plan for leadership through change. Your plan is based on a stage model and includes the key goals and objectives and the activities and tools you would use to achieve them. While you may assume that management understands and appreciates managem.....

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In this assignment, you will evaluate the change process used in a case study. Using the Argosy University online library resources, identify 3 to 5 scholarly resources on collaborative consulting and action research. Review the following case study on organizational culture and in-house knowledg.....

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In this assignment, you will be creating a personality portfolio based on the results of your six leadership assessments that you self-select via an Internet search. The importance of knowing your leadership style, strengths, weaknesses, and which style is best suited for managing change will be .....

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IO 6502 Module 7 Assignment 2 Developing a Risk Management Plan .....
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