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IST 6160


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Created a blueprint of a home page, three example product pages with content, ordering page, and a customer service or contact page. Selected and justified a type of navigation system used in the e-commerce store and also included navigation and clear entry points. Justified the visua.....

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Characterized the physical properties of a handheld device. Determined user requirements of a handheld device. Created user interface that delivers real-time updates to the handheld device based on the user requirements. Used correct spelling, grammar, and professional vocabulary, and.....

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Described usability factors that had the greatest impact on Web site design. Described the way Web sites were evaluated and provided opinion about the metrics. Discussed practical implications for usability design. Suggested how Web technology changes have influenced the design. D.....

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Included the URL of the selected Web site. Identified the instances where the Web standards were followed consistently. Identified the instances where there were deviations from the Web standards. Suggested changes for improving the Web site. Used correct spelling, grammar, and pr.....
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