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MKT 305 Quiz 3

MKT 305 Quiz 3

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•       Question 1


Which type of cognitive appraisal considers how something turned out relative to one’s goals and can evoke emotions like joyfulness, satisfaction, sadness, or pride?



•       Question 2


Which of the following means the extent to which an emotional display by one person influences the emotional state of others?



•       Question 3


Emotion that becomes stored as part of the meaning for a category is referred to as _____.



•       Question 4


Which type of motivation is aimed at changing the current state to a level that is more ideal, not at simply maintaining the current state?



•       Question 5


The extent to which a consumer shows outward behavioral signs and otherwise reacts obviously to emotional experiences is called _____.



•       Question 6


Which motivation reflects a desire to acquire products that can be used to accomplish things?



•       Question 7


Which group of human motivations is based on the fact that the body naturally reacts in a way so as to maintain a constant, normal bloodstream?



•       Question 8


_____ are psychobiological reactions to appraisals.



•       Question 9


Consumers with very high involvement in some product category are referred to as _____.



•       Question 10


Effort put forth by employees in carefully managing their appearance as a requisite for performing their job well is referred to as _____.



•       Question 11


Consumer uneasy about buying things that others have previously touched is called _____.



•       Question 12


_____ are inner reasons or driving forces behind human actions as consumers are driven to address real needs.



•       Question 13


PANAS and PAD are examples of _____ measures of consumer emotions.



•       Question 14


Which of the following terms is used to represent the feelings a consumer has about a particular product or activity?



•       Question 15


_____ represents the personal relevance of shopping activities.



•       Question 16


Which trait may be defined as an enduring tendency to strive to be better than others?



•       Question 17


Which trait refers to the extent to which material goods are important in a consumer’s life?



•       Question 18


_____ is the totality of thoughts, emotions, intentions, and behaviors that a person exhibits consistently as he or she adapts to his or her environment.



•       Question 19


Which self-concept refers to how a consumer currently perceives him- or herself?



•       Question 20


Which perspective believes consumers agree on the shared meaning of products and symbols?



•       Question 21


_____ refers to human characteristics that can be associated with a brand.



•       Question 22


Which trait refers to the degree to which consumers enjoy engaging in effortful cognitive information processing?



•       Question 23


Which of the following is a “variable-centered” approach that focuses on particular variables, or traits, that exist across a number of consumers?



•       Question 24


In which approach to studying personality are behaviors assessed at a number of points in time?



•       Question 25


Which consumer research utilized tools such as depth interviews and focus groups to improve understanding of inner motives and needs?



•       Question 26


The study of symbols and their meaning is referred to as _____.



•       Question 27


_____ are observable, statistical aspects of populations including such factors as age, gender, or income.



•       Question 28


Which trait represents a tendency for consumers to make unintended purchases?



•       Question 29


Consumer lifestyles are measured using _____.



•       Question 30


Which approach to personality focuses on specific consumer traits as motivators of various consumer behaviors?

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