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NSG 4064


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Identified a minimum of two peer-reviewed articles related to the identified financial management issue in the student's workplace. A summary of the articles is provided including the audience for the article, the review of the literature and a summary of the recommendations provided in the a.....

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The interviews contained information on the financial management issue in the organization including a description of the organization, the role within the organization of each individual interviewed and their viewpoint on the financial issue under study. Interview included at least two peopl.....

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Provided a detailed analysis of the financial problem. Explained the potential budget impact of the identified problem utilizing the information identified in the review of literature and interviews. Described the role of nursing in the process of analysis of the information needed for bu.....

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Described at least two solutions to the identified problem. Provided a background for selection of two solutions including expert opinions and current literature. Discussed a process for implementation of two strategies including information related to the roles of various members of the .....
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