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NUR 473


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Develop and submit a 700- to 1,050-word Plan of Action describing your plan to meet the objectives of the clinical experiences. Be sure to keep a copy for your records. See Plan of Action Paper found on the Materials page of the student Web site. Include the following:   What are your pl.....

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Each student will design and implement a community health teaching project. The group to be used for teaching will be selected in Week One. The group will be a lay group, accessible to the student. A written outline of the Teaching Project will be submitted in Week Two. The teaching will be compl.....

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The written self-evaluation of the teaching project is due in Week Three. It is in APA format and is 1,400-1,750 words. The paper will evaluate the educator, the process, and the product. The teaching methodology is not repeated in detail. At least four professional references are used to develop.....

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NUR 473 Week 5 Individual Assignment Community Assessment Presentation .....
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