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CJA 350


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Ed Robertson is a twenty-year-old student. He is in his first year at the local community college. He is pursuing the course to become an elementary school teacher. He is single and works part-time delivering pizzas. Robertson is arrested for sexual assault and torture of a seventeen-year-old.....

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Johnny is a 14-year-old boy whose parents are both working two jobs to provide for their family. Johnny is an only child and remains unsupervised until later in the evenings due to his parents' employment. He is not involved in extracurricular activities and spends a large amount of time with his.....

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CJA 350 Module 4 Assignment 2 Probation and Parole .....

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as Mary White by her driver's license. White appeared to be intoxicated and resisted Officer Wright at the scene. White was arrested for driving while Here's What Happened: Mary White, age twenty-five, is a Hispanic female. She has been on probation for twelve months of a five-year probation .....
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