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CST 630


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Project 1 Step 1: Conduct a Security Analysis Baseline In the first step of the project, you will conduct a security analysis baseline of the IT systems, which will include a data-flow diagram of connections and endpoints, and all types of access points, including wireless. The baseline r.....

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Project 2 Step 1: Develop a Wireless and BYOD Security Plan Since the company you work for has instituted a bring your own device (BYOD) policy, security attitudes have been lax and all sorts of devices, authorized and unauthorized, have been found connected to the company's wir.....

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Project 3 Step 1: Conduct a Policy Gap Analysis As you begin Step 1 of your system security report on cybersecurity for mergers and acquisitions, keep in mind that the networks of companies going through an M&A can be subject to cyberattack. As you work through this step and the .....

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Project 4 Step 1: Develop Functional Requirements for Videoconferencing   The first step in your proposal for a secure videoconferencing system is to develop a set of functional requirements for videoconferencing that you believe the media company will nee based on its geographic.....

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CST 630 Project 5 Data Loss Prevention (21 Pages + 10 slides + lab report) .....
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