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CYB 360


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Write a 1- to 2-page report for the Director of IT describing the requirements you are considering as your team implements the wireless network. Include the following:  Design requirements that must be addressed  Justification to use different frequencies, channe.....

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Perform a basic assessment of a familiar environment (e.g., your home, work, or a local business). Identify the following: · Your goal (e.g., provide wireless coverage for a two-story house with two desktop computers and a printer) · Possible sources of interference · Existing wireles.....

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Your office has implemented a WLAN and needs you to configure the WLAN environment with three Cisco Meraki™ MR62 wireless access points (WAPs) in order to access the Internet and intercommunicate. Security is not overly important at this time. WAP Placement: The Visio® diagram p.....

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CYB 360 Week 3 Team Technical Specification Document .....

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An unsecured network poses risk of internal and external compromises. Users in human resources typically transmit sensitive information across the network. The network should encrypt HR data in transit.  Using the configurations and topology you added to the "WLAN Configuration Desi.....

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This week your team is presenting recommendations to your director on implementing, securing, and monitoring the network for data security assurance. Create a 6- to 8-slide PowerPoint® presentation for your director. The presentation should include: Recommended encryption type&nb.....

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This week you are reporting possible security threats to your network, how the network is hardened against such threats, and recommendations to harden the network further. As a team, discuss likely threats against the network and decide on recommendations to harden the network. .....

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You are analyzing packet captures from a wireless network to assess if the captures pose a threat, what risks, if any. For this assignment, analyze the packet captures provided by Wireshark by doing the following:   Go to the Wireshark Sample Captures site.....
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