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HCS 539


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Please check All Included Assignment   HCS 539 Week 1 Individual Assignment Health Care Marketing Reflection   HCS 539 Week 2 Individual Assignment Health Care Analysis   HCS 539 Week 3 Individual Assignment Marketing Research and Segmentation   .....

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Write a 700- to 1,050-word reflection on current health care marketing techniques. Examine current health care marketing techniques in television, the Internet, radio, or any other media source. Some examples include advertising trends in pharmaceutical marketing, promoting speciali.....

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Choose an existing health care organization. Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper on the organization of your choice. Include the following: ยท         Describe the four Ps--product, price, place, and promotion--and explain how and w.....

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Choose a health care organization, or use the organization you chose in Week Two. Imagine you are a marketing representative for the organization. Conduct research on the consumers in a particular area using at least two lifestyle analyses and marketing research databases. .....

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Choose two existing health care organizations or companies in the same discipline, such as hospital-hospital, insurance company-insurance company, med spa-med spa, and so forth. Compare each organization's positioning and differentiation strategies in a 1,400- to 1,750-word review. .....

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Complete one of the following options: Option A - Responding to the Public Research a public relations scenario you recently heard in the news. This could be anything that required a hospital or health care facility or company to make a statement about their recent practices. So.....

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Create a hypothetical health care organization or social program, using a real organization or program as a model, and develop a comprehensive marketing plan to market it. Examples include cancer hospitals, home health agencies, nursing homes, durable medical equipment companies, weight loss.....
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