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IO 6410


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The United States has seen a trend of increasingly high job dissatisfaction. A survey conducted for the Conference Board in 2009 showed that only 45% of Americans were satisfied with their jobs. This was a significant decrease from a 61% satisfaction rate in 1987 (Gibbons, 2010). Job dissatisfact.....

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Organizational cultures are intentionally created and carefully maintained by companies. They shape the "feel" and visual artifacts of the organization as well as support the organization's business strategy. A business strategy can allow a company to leverage the organization's set of core compe.....

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You are employed in a large consulting firm. A new client has engaged your firm. It is a well-established, nationwide company that for years dominated the market share in its niche industry. The company has a traditional, hierarchical, and function-based organizational structure with many levels .....

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Over the decades, numerous theories of motivation have been developed. Most of the older theories have been shown to not be particularly valid and, therefore, not good predictors of motivational force. More contemporary theories can explain the motivational force in particular situations well. Th.....

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The senior management of your company (a small appliance manufacturer) is preparing to open its first product distribution center outside the United States. They desire a location where their fast-paced, flat organizational structure that uses decentralized decision making can thrive. Such an ope.....
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